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Comparison of the price per square meter formwork construction

Basis of calculation of construction cost of aluminum formwork
A:Unit price of aluminum formwork=1,400/m2 (including accessories, support, etc)
B:Recycling price of aluminum formwork=350/m2 (including accessories, support, etc)
C:Installation charge=29/m2 (including consumables)
D:Cost saving of plastering-free=9/m2 (already converted into the area of aluminum formwork)
E:Other expense saved=2/m2 (including: safety and civilized measures expenses, vertical transportation costs, site occupancy fees, garbage disposal fees)
Aluminum formwork construction cost =( A-B)/number of floor+ C-D-E
The construction cost of timber formwork is the cost of per square meter for contract for labor and materials. After construction is completed, all formworks will be taken as waste.

Number of turnover10 layer20 layer30 layer40 layer50 layer60 layer70 layer
Timber Formwork52525252525252
Aluminum Formwork123715344393633
Aluminum Formwork132806253484542
The relationship between the price of aluminum alloy formwork and traditional building formwork
Timber FormworkSteel FormworkPlastic FormworkAluminum Formwork
AdvantagesLight, cheap, without restrictions to number of formworks, can be processed as required.High strength and large number of turnover.Smooth surface, non-hygroscopic, anti-mildew, acid and alkali-resisting, not easy to crack, quite lower cost compared with steel formwork.Light, large number of turnovers, high carrying capacity, wide scope of applications, convenient construction, and recovery value tends to be high.
DisadvantagesLess frequently used, a certain amount of wastage generated during the course of processing, large resource consumption.Heavy, inconvenient to use, corrode and higher cost.Low strength and stiffness, relatively large coefficient of thermal expansion, quite recyclable, polluting the environment.Must be used in buildings with relatively more standard floors, field installation.
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